Menswear: Stylish Spring-Summer 2021

As we begin another year and bid adieu to a decade of style, we must also be aware that men are not who they used to be... 

7 months ago
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Hottest print trends of 2021

It’s always the year of the runway and the trends you see being sashayed on the ramp are what you wish to have in your...

7 months ago
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The Ultimate Guide to choosing party fabrics

You believe in wearing the latest trends and you want everything to be perfect for your clothes. The ideal solution would be...

7 months ago
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Best prints and patterns in 2021

The New Year has arrived and has brought with it, a line-up of the best prints and patterns for the year. Two words that are high on the ...

7 months ago
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Trends 2021: Shimmer and Lace Fabrics

If you’re searching for something bright, something glamorous and something that will make heads turn - you’ve come to the... 

7 months ago
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10 Outfit Ideas for any party - Best dresses to own right now

A Le Smoking little black dress is always on par for any party scene and is the one to come to our rescue in every situation, but why stick to the regular holiday party...

7 months ago
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Our top picks for prints and patterns you can find in fabrics

We’re sure you’ve been (Keeping an eye for) all the latest prints and patterns which have been popping up all over the world in every Fashion Week.These bright and vibrant ...

7 months ago
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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Fabrics: Know Before You Shop

As you start your wedding outfit shopping, the slight nervousness sets in and you always seem to be missing out on important details. A wedding involves the amalgamation of planning...
7 months ago
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4 Undeniable reasons why you should wear Silk!

Among all fabrics, silk is referred to as the most luxurious and rich. It has been considered as an elegant and practical dressing option for ages. Silk is produced from natural fibers.
7 months ago
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Online Shopping or In-store shopping? What’s your pick?

Shopping online might have become all the rage with Millennials, but not everyone is sold on the concept. Many people still find the charm of entering a store and physically

7 months ago
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Vibrant Diwali Collection with Regal Fabrics

With the yearly festivities right around the corner, Regal fabrics brings you the lushest Saree and suit fabrics to shop from. Whether you want to adorn yourself in luxurious fabrics, or are looking to gift someone with something beautiful, you have come to the right place.
7 months ago
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Latest Trends in Men's Fashion You Should Look Out For

The way men dress is slowly transitioning and becoming more adventurous, colorful and uninhibited. Office dressing is taking a turn to become more casual with men
7 months ago
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