Since 1952

Regal Fabrics is one of the Middle East’s largest fabric stores, having over 70 years experience in the region and a strong retail presence with 12 stores spread across the UAE & Qatar.

Regal By Numbers

Tapestry of Triumph

At Regal Fabrics, we believe that our achievements can be felt not just in the softness of our textiles or the vibrancy of our patterns, but also in the solid figures that define our growth and success.

  • 300+ Employees

    300+ Employees

    Our family consists of over 300 dedicated artisans, designers, customer service experts, and visionary leaders. Each member of our team is a thread in the fabric of our company, integral to crafting the quality and service that defines Regal Fabrics.

  • 40,000 Customers

    40,000 Customers

    We are proud to serve more than 40,000 customers every year, catering to both B2B and B2C segments. This number is a testament to our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients, providing personalized service, and ensuring satisfaction with every yard of fabric we deliver.

  • 100+ Product Categories

    100+ Product Categories

    From a single store in the bustling heart of Bur Dubai, we've expanded our presence to five countries around the globe. This expansion speaks volumes about the trust and love we've received from our patrons, inspiring us to reach new markets and embrace new cultures.

The Regal Story

  • 1952


    The Dawn of Regal Fabrics

    It all started in 1952, in the vibrant streets of Bur Dubai. Regal Fabrics opened its doors with a single store, a place where quality met craftsmanship. Our focus was clear: to provide the finest quality fabrics, source globally, and offer unparalleled customer service. This founding philosophy set the stage for a tradition of excellence that continues to this day.

  • 1988


    A Technological Twist

    Regal Tech Fast forward to 1988, Regal Fabrics took a bold step into the future with the establishment of Regal Tech (initially known as Raikal Communications). We became the pioneers in the Middle East to offer local population the advanced satellite services. This expansion wasn't just about growing our business, it was about bringing the world closer to our customers.

  • 2011


    The Art of Personalization

    Regal Stitch In 2011, we introduced Regal Stitch, our bespoke tailoring service that brought the luxury of made-to-measure tailoring to our repertoire. Regal Stitch wasn't just an addition to our offerings; it was a testament to our commitment to give customers everything they needed under one roof – a one-stop-solution to meet all their fabric and fashion needs.

  • 2015


    Spreading Our Fabric Far and Wide

    By 2015, Regal had woven its presence across the fabric of five countries, with 16 stores and five offices. Our expansion reflected our growing commitment to reach more customers and offer them the same quality and service that we started with in 1952. Each new location was a new chapter in our story, with the same Regal touch.

  • 2019


    Embracing the Digital Weave

    Regal Online Regal Fabrics embraced the digital revolution in 2019 by launching our ecommerce platform. This wasn't just about selling fabric; it was about weaving connections with customers across the globe. Our online store is more than just a shopping site; it's a virtual extension of our ethos, delivering the Regal experience directly to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.

Raju Shroff

Chairman, Regal Group of Companies

Son of founder Vasu Shroff, Raju has been working with Regal in various capacities for almost 30 years, starting as a trainee to learn the functions of every department. He is also responsible for strategically steering & consolidating the  company to continue being the leading brand for textile sourcing and retailing.

Raju completed the Owner/President Management program at Harvard Business School in 1997, after which he earned his Master of Business Administration from London Business School via their rigorous executive program.

Fabric Retailing for Generations

Fabric Retailing for Generations