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Nylon Tulle Collection: Dive into our exquisite collection of nylon tulle fabrics, featuring delicate and sheer designs that are ideal for creating ethereal and romantic looks. Whether you're crafting a bridal gown or a whimsical tutu, our nylon tulle fabrics will add a touch of elegance to any design.

Available by the yard, our online store features premium, unstitched nylon tulle, ideal for adding volume and drama to any garment. This fabric is perfect for crafting bridal gowns, tutus, and other couture designs that require a lightweight, airy feel. The resilience of nylon ensures that these creations maintain their shape and beauty over time. Shop online and infuse your designs with the enchanting softness and grace of nylon tulle.

What our customers say

  • CarolyneCarolyne

    Very beautiful store and amazing textiles, scarves. Very unique and out of this world. The overall shopping experience is exhausting though. It's impossible to just look/touch, it's impossible to decline anything and just fall in love with the products.

  • StephanieStephanie

    Ordered fabric online for the first time with Regal - it is a well designed website and good ease of use. Clear communications over email. Delivery was done in 2 days. Properly and  professionally packaged.

  • Y LouisaY Louisa

    It was one of the best shopping experiences, specially that I needed help choosing the right fabric.The staff is very knowledgeable and thoughtful, not only professional, they also have a great taste and helped find just the right colors and designs no matter how long it took.