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Antique Gold Florals Brocade Fabric – Woven Splendor from India-D19045

Dhs. 75.00 per meter Dhs. 100.00

Step back in time with the Antique Gold Florals Brocade Fabric, a synthetic masterpiece that brings the luxury of India's... Read more Read more

SKU: EC-402-0019045

4.5 meters in stock

    • Colour: Beige
    • 110 Cms: 110 Cms
    • Fancy Design: Fancy Design
    • India: India
    • 200 - 250 gms / mtr: 200 - 250 gms / mtr
    Key Features

    Rich antique gold hue with a timeless floral pattern.
    Premium synthetic brocade with an elegant, lustrous finish.
    Generous 110 cm width for flexible design and application.
    Ideal for luxurious fashion statements and opulent interior designs.
    Expertly woven in India, reflecting a heritage of textile excellence.

    Care Instructions

    Washing: Dry clean , Drying: Dry clean , Ironing: Low dry heat and easily damaged with too much heat , Shrinkage: Minimal

    Styling Suggestion

    Blazer, Blouse, Cocktail Dress, Jacket, Maxi Dress, Midi Dress, Trench Coat

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